2022 EOS Conference

A Conference for Companies Running on EOS®



April 21-22, 2022

Bonus Programming on April 20


September 29-30, 2022

Bonus Programming on September 28

The 2022 EOS Conferences offer unique opportunities for leadership teams and decision makers from small to medium-sized entrepreneurial EOS-run companies to further master EOS Tools and the EOS Process®.

The EOS Conference is an experience where leaders running on EOS do three things:


with others on their EOS journey. Other Visionaries and Integrators™ or leaders like yourself who are running on EOS.


from subject matter experts, both Implementers who will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the EOS Tools, and others from outside of the EOS Community™ who will provide opportunities for you to learn other skills to help you grow.


your implementation of EOS through reinforcing the EOS Tools, learning new tools, and getting back to the basics with new eyes and new excitement.

You'll arrive back at the office after the conference energized and renewed with a stronger understanding of EOS, a powerful connection to the community, and dozens of new ideas for growing your business and strengthening your leadership team.

Pricing Tiers

Customize your track based on your level of experience with EOS and role in your company. The EOS Conference has something for every member of your leadership team.

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USD $1,795*

Bonus: 30-Days of On-Demand Access Post-Event +$160 (regular $200)


USD $1,795*

Bonus: 30-Days of On-Demand Access Post-Event +$160 (regular $200)